Trump Administration to Tackle Laws Allowing Illegals to Obtain Driver’s Licenses

Controversial laws allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, are now being accessed by Homeland security.

With so many concerns mounting of election interference by the media, one would think that a bipartisan agreement would be unanimous, to require IDs for voting and to protect the voting process from those who would exploit it. 

But now, the voting integrity of our nation is under further stress of being compromised, by New York and New Jersey laws which allow illegal immigrants to obtain state issued driver’s licenses.

Chad Wolf, the acting Secretary of Homeland Security “is taking aim at new laws in New York and New Jersey that allow immigrants to get driver’s licenses without proof they are in the U.S. legally, and restrict data sharing with federal authorities,”

Wolf sent a memo to the components of Homeland Security concerning this controversial laws, stating that the department must be ‘prepared to deal with and counter these impacts as we protect the homeland.’

Read more NBC News

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