Rachel Maddow Faces $10 Million Lawsuit Over False Russian Asset Claims

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has become quite comfortable, over the years, with deeming people as Russian assets. Such slanders, directed towards anybody who does not share her political persuasions, are seemingly doled out quite effortlessly.

The carefree nature, in which Maddow slaps the Russian asset label around, may be leading her into some actual legal trouble.

Now, the morally superior “news” anchor, is having to defend herself in court, due to her claims without evidence for “…claiming a OANN reporter is a Russia asset trying to subvert America and help Trump.” Maddow has been sent several cease and desist over her lies and slander but has recently landed her in hot water.

Much as it is in life, incessant lying is bound to catch up with you. Which is what appears to be happening with MSNBC’s media darling. OANN has hit Maddow with a 10 million dollar lawsuit.

Read more at Trending Politics

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