FBI Official Gets 7 Days in Jail for Illegal Spying

Because, when you’re in the club, you can get away with just about anything.

If you found yourself to be one of those people who criticized the Mueller investigation, you may have thought, that as citizens, we have the right to question such things. But for those who happen to be in the right sort of club, you can apparently violate such rights of others, with little to no consequence.

This holds doubly true, especially if you dare to criticize a media darling. Especially one as beloved as Robert Mueller was (you know, before he had an attack of dementia, and let the Democrats down by not being able to incriminate Trump with Russian collusion).

Politico – ‘A former FBI analyst was sentenced to seven days in jail and a $500 fine Friday for illegally accessing a neighbor’s email account in a bid to head off an apparent smear campaign against special counsel Robert Mueller.’

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