Austere Religious Scholar Sabotages Plane, Ruled not Terrorism

Austere religious scholar with a penchant for terrorism, who’s sabotaging of a plane was ruled not terrorism, despite it being, in actuality, terrorism.

Another austere religious scholar, engages in an act which, a bigot might refer to as terrorism. However, only a bigot would consider the act of sabotaging a plane in order to take revenge on people outside of your religious group to be terrorism. But, only if it pertains to certain groups. It’s complicated. Such bigots would be wrong, however.

Did I mention, that this wonderful religious scholar, had an ISIS video of a man being brutally shot in the head on his phone?

Nope, definitely not terrorism.

Jihad Watch reports:

Florida: Muslim who wrote about taking revenge on non-Muslims not charged with terrorism for sabotaging plane

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