Jeffrey Epstein Holiday Sweaters are a Thing and They’re Hilarious

Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Much like the pretty lights which adorn our Christmas trees this year, Jeffrey Epstein did not hang himself. It took lots of coordinated and careful effort.

When it comes to expressing your holiday cheer, as well as also exposing the fact that Epstein didn’t kill himself, there are lots of fun options.

“Christmas lights are a lot like Epstein — they don’t hang themselves,” reads one $19.80 sweater on Amazon featuring the 66-year-old in a Santa hat. Plenty of ornaments also include the allegation, including this one, which also features a noose.”

“During Christmas, an elf may sit on a shelf, but Epstein didn’t kill himself,” says another Amazon sweater, available starting at $29.99 in eight different colors.”

Infowars, of course, has their own version. check it here:

Read more at the New York Post

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