Extremely Solemn Democrats Celebrate Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi giving a warning stare to celebrating Democrats – Photo: ©CNN

Democrats claim over and over that it is their Constitutional duty to impeach our duly elected President, over a phone call, requesting Ukraine to investigate into corruption. While, this just so happens to be the President’s duty, he fell under scrutiny, due to the fact that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is involved in a Ukrainian scandal. All the while, Joe Biden himself, is in a viral video admitting to the bribery with which they’re blaming Trump for. Democrats view this through the lens of damaging their reputation for the 2020 election, due to Joe Biden being one of their top candidates for the nomination.

It is their solemn obligation to impeach our President, or so the Democrats would have you think. There is no joy in their decision to impeach the President based on flimsy allegations and hearsay.

(Cue the thunderous applause…)

House Republican whip, Steve scalise tweeted a fiery message about the Democrats insipid cheering over the farce impeachment:

‘So much for Dems claiming impeachment is “solemn” for them. What a ridiculous lie!’

Watch CNN try to appear like a legitimate news organization while covering this, HERE

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