Judicial Watch to Question Hillary Clinton and Top Aide UNDER OATH?

Credit: Judicial Watch

Exciting developments are occurring in the riveting saga of former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and her illegal servers, where she held sensitive information outside of the United States government and deleted 33,000 emails after a Congressional subpoena demanded them.

Judicial Watch, a watchdog organization which has been holding Clinton’s feet to the fire and demanding answers, since the inception of the Clinton’s email server scandal, may finally get the chance to personally question Hillary Clinton and her top aide.

“Judicial Watch Seeks Clinton Testimony and Key Document on Clinton Email Destruction”

A hearing was ordered to take place in federal court on Thursday, December 19.

Judicial Watch reports that the court is considering to allow them to interview Hillary Clinton and her top aide in person and most importantly under oath.

Read more on these exciting developments, at Judicial Watch

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