RAND PAUL: ‘Comey, McCabe and a Multitude of Media Should Immediately Apologize to Carter Page.’


Senator Rand Paul layed out a scathing review of known facts, concerning the FISA abuses which led to the illegal spying of President Trump’s campaign and his presidency. He rightly insists Carter Page is owed a sincere apology for being deemed a ‘Russian agent’, when the FBI knew good and well, that wasn’t the case.

Rand Paul Tweeted:

Inspector General reveals that:

  1. Disproved Dossier (paid for by the Clinton campaign) was central to FISA order to surveil Trump Campaign employee Carter Page
  2. An FBI agent hid the fact that Page was actually passing information to the CIA on his Russian contacts.
  1. The FBI knew he was not a “Russian” asset but lied to FISA court to continue trying to prove Russian collusion

Comey, McCabe and a multitude of media should immediately apologize to Carter Page.’

Visit Rand Paul’s Tweet Here

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